Dr AB Dey, Delhi

LASI: An innovation to address future health needs of India

Dr IS Gambhir, Varanasi

Elderly Healthcare- Issues and Perspectives

Dr Uma Kalyani, Chennai

Shifting priority in Multi-morbidity - From Physician to Patient

Dr D Thangam, Chennai


Dr Ankumoni Saikia, Guwahati

Integrated Geriatric Care at Primary level: Challenges and Opportunities in India

Dr Abhik Sinha, Kolkata

Geriatric Mental Health  in Indian health care delivery system : Manpower to policy issues

Dr Monica Gupta, Chandigarh

Evolution of the specialty of Geriatrics in Medical textbooks over the last 50 years

Dr SS Lehl, Chandigarh

Inter-professionalism in Geriatric Research

Dr Steve P Manjaly,  Thrissur

Home care: the evolving scenario

Dr Dominic Benjamin, Bengaluru

Hypertension and frailty conundrum

Dr Magesh, Chennai

Polypharmacy: a health risk in advancing years

Dr Neelakshi Mahanta, Guwahati

Palliative care: About the life that's left, Not the end of life

Dr P Chatterjee, Delhi

What is new in Geriatrics?

Dr NN Prem,Delhi

Acute Hip Unit –Ortho Geriatrics

Dr Shanti Johnson

Promotion of healthy aging through primary health care network

Dr Sunita Paul, Auckland (NZL)

Advance care Planning.

Dr V Srinivas

Prevention of dementia

Prof Arvind Kasturi

Reaching out to the elderly - potential opportunities in geriatrics for tertiary care academic institutions : Experience from Bengaluru

Dr Pretesh Kiran

Reaching out to the elderly - potential opportunities in geriatrics for tertiary care academic institutions : partnership with civil society

Dr Arvind Jain

Meditation and Yoga for Healthy Old age

Dr Meenakshi Sharda

Delirium – Recent advances in management

Dr Ramesh Kandel

BP targets in Older Patients: How to individualize therapy in the face of conflicting guidelines and evidence

Dr Sharmistha Dey,Delhi

Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease


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